Healthy Eating

Ingham is committed to promoting the healthy eating habits of all Australians by offering quality, lean poultry products and a resource for healthy chicken and turkey recipes.

Low Fat doesn’t have to Mean Boring

Chicken and turkey are excellent protein choices for a low-fat diet that is never boring. Thanks to the versatility of Ingham turkey and chicken breasts, thighs, wings and other cuts, you can eat delicious meals that make it easier to eat healthy every day.

By choosing poultry when you cook, you can make a low fat version of your favourite recipes or create something totally new. Whatever you whip up, it’s the perfect way to enjoy delicious dishes without the guilt. With more lean protein in your diet, you can more easily maintain a healthy weight, contributing to your overall health.

Take Your Palate across the Globe

Ingham is passionate about poultry and it extends beyond our commitment to offering high quality cuts of chicken and turkey. It also includes maintaining a resource of healthy chicken and turkey recipes to ensure you always have

a place to find new ways to use your favourite Ingham products.

Our recipe bank livens up some classic Australian dishes and takes your palate across the globe with international cuisine that will get everyone excited about cooking. With so many product options and recipe ideas, there are countless ways to feed your family healthier options that they will love.

Make the Smart Swap

Developing and maintaining healthy eating habits doesn’t have to mean giving up the foods you love. It can be as simple as swapping higher fat foods with smarter choices so you can still indulge your cravings without worrying about the effects to your health. Ingham is proud to produce delicious, low-fat chicken and turkey products that let you do just that. Visit our recipes page to learn how many different ways you can enjoy our great range of fresh and frozen cuts.