1 Minute With a Foodservice Professional

Ceri McConnell

Ceri McConnell

1. How long have you worked in the food industry?
I’ve been working for the P&C in the Tuckshop at Miles State School for over 12 years now.

2. What does your job involve on a daily basis?
On a daily basis I take students orders, I make the lunches and I serve the kids their lunches.

3. What do you love most about your job?
I love interacting with the students and the volunteer parents who work at the Tuckshop. I also love the casual hours.

4. Why do you believe your canteen is such a success? What makes you stand out from the rest?
Because I’m a good cook (laughs), no we try to serve healthy food for the students that’s tasty at the same time.

5. What poultry meal can you not live without? 
I love Chicken wraps made with the Ingham Chicken Tenders, lettuce, tomato, pineapple and cheese, they taste great.

6. What Ingham product is your favourite to cook with and why? 
My favourite Ingham product to cook with are the Ingham Chicken Tenders because you can create so many different meals with them.

7. Any advice for aspiring foodies?
If you really enjoy cooking just get in there and give it a go.

8. What has been the most inspiring moment of your career? The most inspiring moments are when the students write little messages and letters to you saying how much they love and appreciate the food we cook and the work we do.

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