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Ingham Foodservice

As one of Australia’s largest poultry providers, Ingham Foodservice supplies a comprehensive range of fresh and frozen chicken and turkey products to food service outlets across the country, including a selection of healthy chicken products that have been school approved.

We share our best recipes and serving suggestions to support and inspire you with menu ideas. For all product enquiries, we have dedicated pages to provide you with comprehensive product details. We also offer information on our distribution network to provide you with everything you need to know about Ingham Foodservice.

Raising the Bar

To Ingham, food service is about delivering high quality products that enhance the reputation of your kitchen. When you are known as a place that only serves the best, it raises the level of your operation, builds trust with your patrons and encourages their repeat business.
Not only does Ingham ensure that our fresh, frozen, and prepped chicken and turkey cuts meet this expectation, but we do so with care and attention to keeping our prices low and reducing our impact on the environment.

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For complete details on Ingham Foodservice contact your state manager. We also offer a large collection of great recipe ideas designed for different types of food service outlets, including restaurants, cafes, pubs, schools and more.

Foodservice Products

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From a range of smallgoods perfect for salads and sandwiches to whole chickens, crumbed tenders and marinated chicken cuts, Ingham Foodservice products cover the spectrum to provide your kitchen with everything you need to create beautiful dishes.

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Serving Suggestions

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Find creative recipes, nutritional facts and serving suggestions for your favourite Ingham Foodservice products, including our fresh and frozen crumbed chicken schnitzels, marinated chicken and a range of other crowd favourites.

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Ingham Distributors

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Ingham has developed longstanding relationships with some of Australia’s most trusted names in wholesale food distribution. Find a list of our distributors here and learn how they can help you put delicious Ingham’s products on your menu.

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Contact Foodservice

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Get in touch with us today for details regarding any of Ingham’s recipes, products and distribution partnerships.

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