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Ingham Feeds & Nutrition is a division of Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd, and is the largest manufacturer of stockfeed in Australasia.

Inghams has feed mills in each state in Australia except Northern Territory and the ACT as well as three feed mills on the North Island of New Zealand. Our feed mills produce quality Australian horse, pig and poultry stockfeed products. As a leading stockfeed manufacturer, our focus is on providing balanced equine, poultry, and porcine nutrition throughout our product ranges.
Inghams are a fully integrated business and the production of animal feeds for our livestock has become a very important facet of the overall production process.

Our web site presents the quality of our stockfeed product ranges, the diversity of our distribution network and the assurance that comes with buying from the Inghams brand name.

Our stockfeed ranges are painstakingly developed to provide the specific nutritional requirements for each species of animal within different age groups and stages of life. As such you can rest assured that each particular product will supply your livestock with the best possible all round nutrition, health and vitality through its life. Read more about our animal feeds products.

Our bulk commercial feed mills are located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. To contact our representatives in each location, go to the Feed Mills section and click on the interactive map.

We have an extensive list of our animal feed resellers in each state of Australia. To locate a reseller in a town near you, go to the Resellers section and click on the interactive map to find your state and region.

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