About Inghams

•	Inghams Enterprises – Australian poultry producers

Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest poultry producer of meat and layer chickens and turkey.

We proudly employ more than eight thousand people in all aspects of poultry production and management in more than 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand. However as primary producers, our core business remains the production of poultry and stockfeed.

  • A fully integrated farming, primary and further processing poultry production business, with a total of
    • 11 stock feed mills
    • 10 primary poultry production plants, and
    • Nine further processing plants
  • A diversified stockfeed business, Mitavite
  • Ingredients for pet food and stockfeed
  • A piggery operation
Ingham meat and layer chickens

Over the past 80 years, we have continually evolved and adapted our poultry production methods to meet changing demands and incorporate new technologies.

Our company has continued to expand (indeed, it is one of Australia’s largest privately owned companies) but we have retained the spirit of a business that has the feeling of being family owned and operated. We utilise our state of the art research facilities to pursue, and improve upon, leading methodologies in poultry production, to ensure the best product is supplied to you, our customers and suppliers.

In this way, we have been successful in maintaining and expanding our position as a major Australian poultry producer by adapting to a vast array of social and technological changes, while remaining true to the core values that characterised the establishment of the company nearly a century ago.

Our focus as a key Australian poultry producer

Our position in the poultry production market is founded on three major strengths:

  • Our highly skilled management individuals and our dedicated team of employees
  • The technical excellence of our poultry production operations
  • The size and spread of our assets

In addition the broad geographical base of our overall operations enables us to quickly and economically satisfy market demand for fresh poultry products even in the remotest locations. From contemporary cafes on Bondi Beach to outback pubs in the Australian bush; our quality poultry products find their way on to plates all over Australia.