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Welcome to the Inghams Chicken, Love 'em web site. At Inghams, we’re passionate about chicken and this site is dedicated to providing you with useful and interesting information about all things chicken.

For instance, we produce a great selection of both fresh and frozen chicken products that can be found in the fridge and freezer sections of most supermarkets. For more information on where to buy Ingham's Chicken products, click here.

We have some fabulous recipes in our recipes section; check out our easy, healthy chicken recipes and while you’re at it, why not join our chicken recipe club, Club Ingham. It’s free!

At Inghams we care about quality, nutrition and healthy eating. All poultry, particularly chicken, is a great source of easily digestible protein; read all about it in our Healthy Eating section.

Did you know that we also produce Free Range Chicken for the Australian market? Look for the Free Range logo on the pack.

Would you like some tips on how to handle, store and cook chicken correctly? Check out our Cooking with Chicken section.

We hope you enjoy browsing our Chicken website. As a Club Ingham member, you can also enjoy many extra features for free. Why not save us to your favourites and keep checking in as we like to keep our content as fresh as our products!

Did you know?
Did you know

Thawing Chicken

Chicken should be thawed for 10 hours per kilo in the refrigerator, not on the bench.

Did you know

Chicken Leftovers

If you cook food to eat later, refrigerate immediately.