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The Ingham range of chicken products is designed to reflect the needs of our customers. From dietary restrictions to time restraints, we have developed our product line to ensure that Ingham poultry is always the right choice. Explore all of the different options available from your local supermarket and then visit our recipe page for our favourite quick and easy chicken recipes and healthy chicken recipes.

Fresh, Frozen and Ready-to-Eat Ingham Chicken

Ingham takes great pride in our commitment to providing Australian consumers with high quality poultry products. Over the last century we’ve seen our products evolve to meet the changing demands both for healthy options and easy-to-cook convenient options. This includes offering free range chicken as well as gluten free products and a collection of gluten free chicken recipes that are suited to diet restrictions faced by sufferers of coeliac disease.

Our fresh range includes boneless cuts such as our chicken breast fillet, thighs and tenderloins. We also offer seasoned and marinated chicken cuts as well as crumbed chicken in our fresh range for quick and easy chicken recipes that do the prep work for you.

The Ingham range also includes frozen products ideal for quick dinners any day of the week, including tempura and crumbed chicken as well as whole marinated chickens perfect for a savoury and satisfying family dinner of roasted chicken.

Finally, Ingham offers our ready-to-eat range of delicious chicken products available in your local deli. Our chicken loaf, roll and chicken breast supreme are the perfect sliced meats for sandwiches or party platters.

Your Favourites at Your Fingertips

Explore our website for all the details on our huge range of high quality fresh, frozen and ready-to-eat poultry, and pair your favourite Ingham products with our quick and easy chicken recipes and healthy chicken recipes all available online.

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